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Tablet Repair
Tablet computer does not replace a full-fledged PC, but it is fast, easy to carry, is in demand and popularity, but because its niche in the market. This is a completely separate device requiring a separate approach to repair. And typical fault him different from computers and laptops. You can identify such faults as: Suspension is not loaded, the charge connector is broken, broken connection interface connector, split screen, broken touch panel (touch screen), not working power button, the button does not work (rocker) volume, moisture in the tablet.
Trusting us repair tablets, remember that you get a guarantee on all work performed.

- Diagnosis of the tablet - 100 UAH. (Paid in the event of refusal of further repair)

- Replacement of the display - from 350grn

- Replacement touch panel (touch screen) - from 350grn

- Replacement of the module (+ touchscreen display) - from 380grn

- Replacement connector, (USB, power, audio, etc...) - From 250UAH

- Changing the battery - from 200 UAH

- Repair of motherboard - from UAH 500

- Flash tablet - from 450grn

- Replacement of the inclusion of buttons, volume - from 270grn

 *** All prices are exclusive of the cost of parts and may vary depending on the model and condition of the unit."

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