Computer Repair

Computer repair
It is difficult to imagine a modern man without a personal computer. It is the creation of the human mind and hands everywhere today, and it helps us to work in our works, and houses in the town of your favorite games or chatting with friends, watching a movie, or in search of knowledge. He helps us to live. And how do we become uncomfortable when this sophisticated and reliable, not afraid of the word, the technique still fails.
-Your Computer will not turn on;
-PK Off;
-Izdaet Noises, howling, gnashing;
-PK Became suddenly emit a squeak;
-Computer Become overheated;
-Emu Need cleaning from dust and dirt;
-Or He hangs, is not loaded;
-If Your computer is not working for some other reason;
We can help you put back into operation of your PC, we have to do everything without need for equipment, knowledge and experience.

That's not a big list of prices for common faults:

- Diagnosis of computer troubleshooting, (payable in the event of refusal of further repair) - 100 UAH

- Maintenance work, cleaning the dust, replacing thermal grease, lubricant coolers, cooling system repairs - from 250UAH

- Modernization of the PC - the cost of works contract

- Replacing units (replacement of the power supply, video card replacement, replacement hdd, and d.). - From 200 UAH

- Replacement of the inclusion of buttons, reboot - from 200 UAH

- Component repair motherboard, video card, power supply, etc. -.. The cost of works contract

- Assembling a PC - the cost of works contract

*** All prices are exclusive of the cost of parts and may vary depending on the model and condition of the unit ***

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