Laptop Repair

Laptop Repair
Due to no more weight and high functionality of a laptop is one of the most popular devices. It is convenient to take with you to work or on vacation. Laptop, as well as any equipment does break down property, the reasons may be very different and a simple user without the help of the master can not do.

We provide a full range of services in repairing laptops are: diagnostics, installation of operating systems, software and drivers, anti-virus, screen replacement (matrix) laptop, the housing parts, hinges, work with a hard disk replacement or repair, cleaning of dust and dirt laptop cooling system, replacing the thermal paste, repair or replacement of the keyboard, touchpad, replacing the laptop connectors and ports, small component repair system board.

- Laptop Diagnostics - 100 UAH (paid in the event of refusal of further repair);

- Replacement laptop keyboard - from 150 UAH;

- Replacing the optical drive - from 150 UAH;

- Replacement of RAM - from 150 UAH;

- Replacing the hard disk - from 150 UAH;

- Replacement Laptop matrix (screen display) - from 300UAH;

- Prevention of the cooling system (cleaning of the dust, replacing the thermal paste, thermal spacers) - from 250UAH;

- Repair Laptop Cooling system - from 300UAH;

- Replacement or repair of hull laptop elements (the display hinges, the rear cover, the cover of the matrix, etc...) - From 250UAH;

- Replacing the motherboard laptop - from 250UAH;

- Repair motherboard laptop - from 600grn;

- Replacement of the inclusion of buttons, connectors, power, usb, audio, etc. - from 200 UAH.;

- Repair of laptop power supply (dc cable replacement and others.) - From 150 UAH;

*** All prices are exclusive of the cost of parts and may vary depending on the model and condition of the unit ***

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