Refilling cartridges

The original cartridge for the laser printer and inkjet is today is quite expensive, and buying it every time you run out of toner or ink - not economically feasible. A more reasonable solution - is filling it with new toner or ink.

You want to fill the cartridge, and you want to have high-quality printing, as in the original?

Perhaps you want to save a little bit? Therefore the cost to you is not an unimportant aspect, "How can that be?" - You might say, but how now you are standing on the threshold of choice, drop doubt, make a reservation and see for yourself that it is here you will find the best balance between price and quality.

The work carried out with cartridges

Laser cartridge

- Diagnostics (functional test, troubleshooting);

- Cleaning (by paper dust and waste toner box);

- Toner refill;

- Repair (replacement of parts and lubrication mechanisms);

- Vosstanovlenie- replacement of resource assemblies and parts (drum, doctor blade);

- Chip firmware or its replacement by a new one;

Inkjet cartridge

- Diagnostics (functional test, troubleshooting);

- Washing, cleaning nozzles from dried ink;

- Refill ink jet cartridge quality;

Prices for refilling cartridges

- UNITY laser cartridges - from 120 UAH;

- Restoration of cartridges - from 240grn;


- Refilling inkjet cartridges - from 80grn;

*** All prices are subject to change depending on the model and condition of the cartridge ***






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