When you use a PC, after a period of time, a year, two, someone like. You can observe a significant deterioration in performance, slow and unstable operation of applications, you have to resort to frequent reboots, reinstalling the OS, there may be spontaneous shutdowns. On the part of the system unit, there begins to emanate an outside noise, a periodic howl, a vibration. Anyway, in order to avoid the failure of the PC, it is necessary to diagnose the fault and eliminate its causes.

That's right, we are going to investigate possible causes of computer failure.

Technical difficulites

Overheating processor

In the course of their work, some computer components produce a lot of heat, one of which is the processor. To combat excessive heating, it is necessary to install a cooling module - usually these elements are a radiator and a cooler. If the processor overheats, the system starts to work slowly (slows down), can spontaneously turn off. On the Internet, there are many free utilities that monitor the temperature of the processor and its case. The reasons for the processor overheating may be several:

Stopping the fan (cooler) due to motor failure or bearing wear
Dust clogging the cooling fins of the radiator, fan blades.
Loss of thermal paste properties, which is applied to increase the heat exchange between the heatsink and the processor.

Determine if the cooler works normally, you can often hear it by ear. A fan with old defective bearings starts to howl and vibrate. Solution, replacement of the cooler.

If the whole thing is in the dust, then it is enough to remove the radiator and fan, clean the cooler blades and the fins of the radiator from it with the pressure of compressed air, (of course, all work should be done with a completely de-energized system unit).

Lost the properties of thermal grease can be seen by removing the radiator, the normal paste has a viscous consistency, unusable usually dried, hardly scraped off the processor and the bottom of the radiator. Eliminated by replacement.

To be continued.

Remember about it, - Turning to professionals, you save your time, money and nerves.

Someday, any computer user will face such an unpleasant phenomenon as a hung program. It ceases to react to all your commands and just "hangs", allows you to turn off, but completely refuses to turn it off. Before,When everyone had only personal computers, the hand automatically reached the "Reset" button, after clicking on which the machine made a hard reset.

Do not destroy system files! 
After restoring the performance of the next computer, I do not want to talk much about the system and system files, more precisely about their thoughtless destruction.
In the life of any user of a personal computer, there comes a time when he realizes that he has accumulated enough experience to do the installation of order on his computer himself. By the time on the hard disks there is already a lot of unnecessary files and the user decides to delete them. And as a rule, some sort of system files fall into the category of garbage. Even a warning that the file is a system file and its removal will lead to a malfunction in the system, few people stop.
There is a simple rule: Do not know what this file or folder is, do not delete it.
You can safely delete those folders and files that you created, if they are no longer needed. And system folders and files are named so because they are necessary for normal operation of the Windows system. Any intervention in the system without the necessary knowledge is fraught with the fact that you have to spend time and money on installing the system and restoring information.

In the Windows 10 operating system, there is sometimes a conflict between the standard utility from Microsoft and the Scan Toolbox that is used when scanning in the Canon i-SENSYS MF4410.
To resolve the conflict, you must disable the standard utility. Go to START> CONTROL PANEL> SOFTWARE> PROGRAMS AND COMPONENTS> INCLUDE OR DISCONNECT WINDOWS COMPONENTS>
Then in the list that appears, you need to find the category of "document printing services", expand it, find "Fax and Scan Windows", turn off the option by unchecking the box, restart the computer.
At 4410 works, it is checked not on the same mfu. Perhaps relevant for other models of this manufacturer.

How to uninstall the program manually from the registry
Today I would like to tell you what to do if you do not delete programs through the control panel. Well, or you just deleted it, but it's still displayed there.
I once had such a problem and I did not know what to do. I looked on the Internet and tried to figure it out. Now I know what to do in such cases. We will now figure out how to uninstall the program manually, and what to do if the program is hanging in the control panel after uninstallation.
To manually uninstall the program, go to the place where you installed the program (usually C: \ Program Files or Program Files (x86)), find and delete the program folder. If the folder is not deleted, then you will have to use the Unlocker program, which will easily delete the file you need. After that it is necessary to find all records with the name of this program in the registry and also delete them.
If you uninstall the program through the control panel, and it is still in the list.
Go to Start-Run
In the Run window, type regedit
To find
HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE \ SOFTWARE \ Microsoft \ Windows \ CurrentVersion \ Uninstall
There will be a lot of folders like {BFEAAE77-BD7F-4534-B286-9C5CB4697EB1} click on the folder and see "DisplayName", that is, the name of the program
Find the name of the remote program and delete the folder with all its contents.

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